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iShares US Fundamental Index Fund (CAD Hedged) - CLU

ETF Overview

The fund has been designed to replicate, net of expenses, the performance of the FTSE RAFI US 1000 CAD-Hedged Index, which comprises the largest 1,000 US listed companies by fundamental value.

The fund offers the advantages of an active management strategy with the highlights of a passive investment: lower turnover costs and transparent rules-based selection, while retaining high investment capacity.

The index weights constituents using four accounting factors, rather than market capitalization. These four factors include:

Fundamental Indexation

This ETF tracks a Fundamental Index. The strategy is known as Fundamental Index or Fundamental Indexation.

Fundamental Indexation is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional indices based on market capitalization. Fundamental Indexation weights its constituents based on company fundamental factors including dividends, total sales, free cash flow and book equity value, each variable not depending on the fluctuations of the market valuation.

Fundamental Indexation seeks to identify the true "fair value" of each company.

Key ETF Data

Category (main) USA Equity - Broad Market / Fundamental Index
Underlying Index FTSE RAFI US 1000 CAD-Hedged Index
ETF Structure Passive type. Aims to track Fundamental index
Asset Class Equity
Region USA
Issuer iShares Canada by Blackrock
ETF Home Page Available here
Fund Facts
Inception Date 7 Sep 2006
Total Holdings 1,011
Distribution Frequency Quarterly
Leverage None
Significant Currency Exposure Yes
Currency Hedging Yes
Management Fee 0.65%
Management Expense Ratio (MER) 0.72%
Trading Information
Ticker CLU
Exchange TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)
Currency CAD
DRIP available ** Yes
PACC Plan available ** Yes
SWP available ** Yes

* Always check eligibility with your plan operator as plans and accounts can differ

** Not all brokers can facilitate these plans. Check with your broker.

Current Price, Fund Performance, Yield, NAV, Charts etc

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Additional Index Information

Index data as of 29 March 2013 (note the data for the CAD-hedged index could not be located, only the non-CAD hedged data).