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iShares Silver Bullion Fund (CAD Hedged) - SVR

ETF Overview

The investment objective of the iShares Silver Bullion Fund (CAD Hedged) is to replicate the performance of the price of Silver bullion, less its expenses and fees. The Fund is not actively managed. The iShares Silver Bullion Fund (CAD Hedged) does not anticipate making regular distributions.

The assets of the iShares Silver Bullion Fund (CAD Hedged) consist primarily of physical Silver bullion (the 'Portfolio") which the fund purchases and holds in accordance with its investment objective, strategy, policies and restrictions, as well as any forward contracts relating to the currency hedge of the hedged common units and cash.

Investment Strategy

The iShares Silver Bullion Fund (CAD Hedged) invests its assets in holdings of unencumbered Silver bullion, in 1000 troy ounce international bar sizes, and will not speculate with regard to short-term changes in Silver prices. This strategy provides investors with the ability to invest in unencumbered Silver bullion in a convenient, tradable and secure manner without the associated inconvenience and high transaction, handling, storage, insurance and other costs typical of direct Silver bullion investment.

All physical Silver bullion owned by the iShares Silver Bullion Fund (CAD Hedged) is stored in the vault facilities of a Canadian Schedule I chartered bank, or an affiliate or a division thereof, on an allocated and segregated basis.

Key ETF Data

Category (main) Commodity - Silver bullion
Underlying Index No Index
ETF Structure Passive type. No index. Fund holds physical Silver bullion.
Asset Class Commodity - Silver
Region Not applicable
Issuer iShares Canada by Blackrock
ETF Home Page Available here
Fund Facts
Inception Date 15 July 2009
Total Holdings Physical Silver
Distribution Frequency Annually
Leverage None
Significant Currency Exposure Yes
Currency Hedging Yes
Management Fee 0.60%
Management Expense Ratio (MER) 0.66%
Trading Information
Ticker SVR
Exchange TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)
Currency CAD
DRIP available ** Unknown
PACC Plan available ** Unknown
SWP available ** Unknown

* Always check eligibility with your plan operator as plans and accounts can differ

** Not all brokers can facilitate these plans. Check with your broker.

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